Need an oil change?  

Want to add Air Conditioning?

Want power steering or brakes?

The Carolina Auto Body Center employees are classic car experts.  We love working on classic cars and offer all manner of maintenance and service for your classic including:


    1. Air Conditioning Service - We offer leak detection, evacuation and recharge, full A/C upgrades or replacement of major components including the condenser, evaporator, compressor, hoses, POA, orifice tube, etc.  We offer a service for restoring your car's original A/C to it's original configuration.  We can do R134a conversions or full on new technology A/C installations as well.  Want cold air?  Give us a call!
    2. Brake Service - We offer all manner of brake service including rebuilding original calipers and wheel cylinders or simply replacing them with new parts*. Your old brake fluid or lines may well need replacement as well. Want an upgrade to disk brakes for more stopping power? Does your ride stop in a straight line?  If not, give us a call!
    3. Engine Tune Up Service - We have extensive knowledge of carburetors and classic car ignition systems.  We offer carb rebuild service, carb replacement service, carb re-jetting, ignition tune ups, ignition upgrades, etc.  We can re-bush your worn distributor or replace the distribtor cam.  Simple plugs, points, condenser*, oil and filter, chassis lubrication and fluid top off are all available.
    4. Engine Refresh Service - We can give your engine an evaluation (compression and leak down testing) to determine worn parts and work with you to identify the most cost effective plan for replacing the worn parts up to and including engine rebuild or replacement.
    5. Suspension Upgrades - We can replace your classic muscle with a new front clip to dramatically improve handling and braking.  Alternately, we can raise or lower your ride, stiffen or soften your ride, or most any upgrade you choose.
    6. Classic Imports are Welcome! - Got an old European car that needs some love?  Paul is an MG enthusiast but all classic imports are welcome.  

    In short, if you are looking for a mechanic who focuses on older cars, give us a call.  Most upgrades are priced on a time and materials basis at our very competitive shop rate of $68 per hour.  We give estimates before starting any work - No Surprises, period.  

    *  New parts are becoming rather hit or miss (especially electric parts) and generally of lesser quality than the original regardless of the manufacturer.  Restoring the originals is a viable approach in many cases.